Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Dream Lens

Well, I finally secured my dream lens from eBay for shooting sports photography.....Canon's 300mm F2.8. Although it's the non-IS version, it's in perfect condition, and I'm simply waiting for the next soccer game.

It's awesome. A real powerhouse. I now need to upgrade my mono-pod due to it's weight :)


Ranmac said...

I must tell you...I'm very, very jealous.

Todd Taylor said...

I'm so excited I can't see straight...but I have still not had a chance to use it.

Greg said...

Are there Canon 300mm NON-IS lenses on the market at a lower price than the newer IS model? I cannot find a single one. I assume those that have them are not parting with them. Nice soccer images. I've been debating a 70-200 vs a 300. Your images reminded me how sharp the 300 is the way it freezes the dirt flying. They are stunning images.

- Todd - said...

Greg......Canon makes either the 300mm f2.8 (IS and the older non-IS) or the 300mm f4 IS. I own the older 300mm f2.8 non-IS lens as well as the f4 IS version. The f2.8 is so sharp, I don't think you need the IS version. It's also so heavy that you need a monpod anyway. I found this beauty on e-bay.