Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Basketball Photography

Well, I took my new EOS-1D Mark II out for a spin today at my son's basketball game. 8.3 fps is awesome. I also like the ability to specify the ISO in smaller increments than the 20D (e.g. 1000 & 1250) versus jumping all the way to 1600. I'm still learning about the camera as it's quite a bit more complicated than the 20D.

I shot these at ISO 1000, f1.8, 800 shutter speed.


Anonymous said...

These are awesome. I was recently given a Canon 40D - love it - but trying to figure it out. It's much more complicated than the Kodak I used strictly on AF.

Basketball photography is exactly what I am trying to accomplish - without blur. Any tips are welcome. Thanks!

Ranmac said...

Anonymous, don't be afraid of higher ISOs. Get Canon's 85mm f1.8 lens (or f1.4 lens if you can afford it). Start shooting in aperture mode (at the lowest f stop you can...f1.8 or f1.4 if possible). If you get motion blur because the shutter speed isn't fast enough (due to poor lighting), crank up the ISO more, and/or switch to manual mode and adjust the shutter speed higher (along with the lowest f stop). You can always lighten your pictures in post processing if this causes pictures that are on the underexposed side (dark pictures)

Ranmac said...

When did you get a Mark II? Is that the one from our mutual friend? You're gonna make me get a Nikon D300 sooner than I wanted.

Todd Taylor said...

I bought my Mark II on e-Bay for considerably less than any other offer. It was used by a professional photographer with about 50,000 shots taken. He got it from B&H. A little more complicated (actually a lot more) than the 20D, but do I look cool with 2 cameras at the b-ball games. I will be posting my work by tomorrow.

Ranmac's advice is right on....high ISO, lowest possible f-stop, faster shutter....that's the combination you need in poorly lit gyms.