Friday, July 04, 2008

Blurring a Stream

I tried my first attempt at a common photography trick that's been seen in photo magazines for years........blurring the water in a running stream. It was easier than I thought. Simply set your camera on Shutter Priority and lower the shutter speed until you reach the desired affect. This shot was taken in Northern Ontario at ISO 400, f22, and 1/8 per second shutter speed. Also, it's important to find something in the picture which is stationary (like a rock) to help emphasize the running water.


Ranmac said...

Were you hand-holding the camera? Was it mounted on a tripod? Or did you rest it on a stationary object for support?

- Todd - said...

I simply hand held this shot....with the camera wedged in between my arms and knees.

Ranmac said...

I take it no IS was used either.