Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Under the Dome

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http://canon7dmark-ii.info/canon-7d-mark-ii-azden-high-performancesmx-10-stereo-condenser-microphone/ said...

This has been a really nice addition to my Canon HV20 camcorder. I like it because it provides far superior sound than the built in mic on the HV20 and it is not too bulky. I can leave it attached to my camcorder and still fit the entire rig in a relatively small camera bag (Tamrac Velocity 7x). I did not rate it a 5 because of the shockmount that it comes with is not the greatest. I substituted the Rode SM3 shockmount, which works much better. I highly recommend this combination. It has added a new dimension to my videos and my rig still remains highly portable.